Our ESG Policy


We strive to be among Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) leaders, with sustainable business strategy adding meaningful value to all stakeholders, and empowering employees to act as a positive agent for change within their respective communities.


Our ESG mission aligns with our corporate mission and enhances our commitment to our investors and all stakeholders. We are committed to creating and adopting innovative ideas and business practices to improve our communities, the natural environment, and operational efficiencies, while enhancing stakeholder experiences.


At Strathallen, we are committed to operating and growing our business sustainably and are conscious of the impact we have on our stakeholders and on the environment. We work hard to reduce the environmental impact of our operations while simultaneously dedicating ourselves to our stakeholders.

Our Investors

We are committed to providing our investors with market leading risk-adjusted returns. By integrating ESG into our business strategy, and viewing strategy though an ESG lens, we position Strathallen to further identify material risks and opportunities, enabling us to potentially generate better returns

Our People

People are our greatest asset. We are an inclusive company that values and fosters all dimensions of diversity. As an employee-owned company, we have a strong entrepreneurial culture where all perspectives and points of view are considered. Our diverse group of real estate professionals define our company, driving innovation and growth to better serve our stakeholders.

Our Tenants and Communities

Our tenants and the communities in which we serve are the core of our business. Our company forms an essential part of the community and recognizes the importance of embracing, connecting, and supporting our neighbourhoods. We have the ability and responsibility to enable positive change and facilitate growth and connection between communities and tenants. We want our tenants and customers/visitors to feel welcome and safe while operating their businesses and frequenting our properties.

The Natural Environment

As an owner, operator and developer of real estate, we are acutely aware of the impact our buildings and tenant operations have on the environment, and the role they play in climate change. In partnership with our tenants, we have an opportunity and responsibility to understand our collective environmental impact and to minimize this footprint.
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Our Commitment

Strathallen is committed to enhancing the economic, environmental, and social health and well-being of all stakeholders. We commit to the following:
  1. Creating a formal ESG framework and program, embedding sustainability into our business strategy and daily decision-making. By viewing our strategy through an ESG lens, we can improve our ability to identify risks and opportunities, and in turn enable the potential for
    stronger risk-adjusted returns for our investors.
  2. Communicating our initiatives, goals, and accomplishments to our stakeholders in a manner that provides material and actionable disclosure.
  3. Endeavour to become an employer of choice. We are committed to creating an environment where our employees will grow both professionally and personally. We will
    strive to understand what our employees need to achieve excellence through development of employee achievement programs, through coaching and mentoring, and through matters
    identified by our Diversity and Inclusion Committee. We want to enhance our work environment and ensure our employees feel welcome, respected, heard and rewarded.
  4. Striving to be a trusted partner and advocate for our communities, enabling them to achieve their unique goals. We aim to accomplish this by encouraging and empowering our employee community members to connect and understand what our communities need, and create strategies facilitating their desired goals and outcomes.
  5. Reducing our environmental footprint. We commit to understanding and implementing strategies that reduce our impact on the environment by developing insights into our usage of water, waste and energy, and by implementing value enhancing green strategies at our properties.


Strathallen is committed to exceptional corporate governance to promote the long-term success of our company. The ESG committee is comprised of passionate sustainability leaders representing various groups and departments within our organization. With the Chief Executive Officer as the program’s executive sponsor, the committee’s mandate is to oversee our ESG program and make meaningful and ambitious recommendations to our senior leadership team, aligned with our corporate strategy.

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